Passionately Designed eLearning.


There's no substitute for smart.

It's time to bring relevant learning to today's learners exactly how they need it.

Make it interesting, make it easy, make it stick.

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Learning isn't a game. Or is it?

To really change things, we had to look at eLearning in new ways.

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We did our homework.

There's a vast amount of science, technology and research that went into the development of Chameleon.

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Learning that speaks to everyone.

The market is driving learning global. Your eLearning needs to keep up.

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The only grade that counts is yours... and theirs.

There are business results and learner results. Both are connected. Both are critical.

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Go ahead, kick the tires.

Here are a few demos that highlight some of the unique tools and features of Chameleon eLearning.

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